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Turn up the excitement Tuesday at Flanker SLC's Spine-Chilling Taco Tuesday Halloween Edition! Join us for a fiesta that will tantalize your taste buds and lift your spirits, all while embracing the ghostly charm of Halloween!

Treat yourself to 2 for $5 Fiery Tacos, $4 Bewitching Beers, $5 Chips & Salsa that'll cast a spell on your taste buds, $5 Tequila Shots to send shivers down your spine, $7 Margaritas with a hint of the supernatural, and indulge in $10 DeLeon Anejo cocktails & shots that are mysteriously delightful.

Make your reservations for our limited time Paranormal Tiki Parlor!


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Flyer: Taco Tuesday
Flyer: Taco Tuesday
Flanker SLC
6 North Rio Grande Street, Suite 35, Salt Lake City
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